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"The Oxford English Dictionary defines immurement as the condition of being enclosed or confined against your will; a theme each individual artist will interpret in their works on display."

This is an excerpt from the press release for Immurement, the course-led MFA exhibition at the Crypt Gallery, St. Pancras. The exhibition ran for three days, and one well-attended private view. As a whole the exhibition was a success and ran smoothly from start to finish, with only one or two small obstacles along the way.  

Yunyao and I took on the role of Coordinators for the exhibition process, which ended up being a fairly general and ultimately intensive job. Primarily this was a communication role - whether by acting as a liason between MFA group and the gallery manager, Anne (who was extraordinarily straightforward and easy to work with), between the delegated subgroups amongst the MFA itself, or at times also as a conflict resolution support.

To ensure a smooth process, a Google Drive was created for the preparation process to allow for accessibility to all important documents or progress updates from the respective subgroups. Regular communication on the MFA Whatsapp group was also necessary in trying to make sure there was minimal miscommunication or confusion. The role involved handling the key to the Crypt Gallery, having an awareness of the gallery's health and safety regulations, and communicating the way to 'open' and 'close' the gallery at the beginning and end of every day.

As mentioned, the Private View was well-attended and the feedback from the many guests I spoke to was positive. On the whole the MFA group worked selflessly and cohesively together, and certainly became closer as a group due to the experience. 


On a personal note, while not ultimately happy with the piece I showed at the exhibition (for more details please see the Arc), the work has sold (as two separate pieces) since the show  - which I've been very grateful for.  

Immurement, various photos, 2019.

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